What is Soccer Spotlight?

Soccer Spotlight is a video service that specializes in soccer highlight videos for players who need to catch the attention of college or professional coaches.

What Makes Soccer Spotlight Unique?

Soccer Spotlight EXCLUSIVELY deals with the sport of soccer. Every position in soccer requires a different set of attributes and skill sets that college and professional coaches are looking for. While the casual viewer will know that a striker is expected to score goals, many video companies don’t have an understanding of the other intricacies of a top striker’s game. Skills such as movement off the ball, involvement in the buildup play, and proper technique are all extremely valuable but not always the first thing a casual observer would notice. We have a vast understanding of the key intricacies of each position on the pitch, whether you are a striker or a goalkeeper.

Why is Having a Highlight Video Necessary?

On average, a college soccer coach will receive 100-200 emails from prospective high school athletes a week. Many of these emails include home-made highlight videos a coach may only watch for 2.5 minutes. If the video is poorly edited or doesn’t catch the coach’s attention right away, the coach may NEVER go to see that player play in person, regardless of how good the player really is.

What Video Format Should the Games Be Filmed in?

The quality of the highlight video is partly dependent on the quality of the video we receive from the customer. It is therefore extremely important that video is shot with a steady hand from midfield with perspective. Ideally, video should be shot in High Definition 720p or higher. Video can be submitted digitally through YouTube, or via mail on a DVD or on a flash drive in .mp4, .mov, or .wmv format.

How Quickly Will My Video Be Ready?

We guarantee that we will have your video finished within 14 days of receiving the last game video, assuming you have submitted your deposit and completed the accompanying forms. This allows us time to send you a rough draft and discuss any changes based on your preference. We will always give you our opinion on clip order/adjustments but it is ultimately your call.

I need my video ready for my showcase in 1 week, is that possible?

We do accommodate rush orders, however the pricing will be more expensive than our package prices quoted on the site. Please contact us for specifics on a rush order.