Midfielder Examples

Below are examples of what a Soccer Spotlight highlight video looks like for a midfielder. Midfielders videos can either be for wide midfielders/wingers, or for defensive/attacking central midfielders.

Wide midfielders/wingers videos feature clips that will primarily show their ability to

  • Deliver crosses
  • Cut inside to shoot
  • Beat players 1v1
  • Track back defensively.

Defensive/Attacking central midfielder videos will show the player’s

  • Range of passing
  • Ability in the air
  • Creativity in the attacking third
  • Link player between the defense and attack.

There is a short 10 second intro slide that includes the player’s name, positions, number, and current team. The clips are ordered with goals, assists and chances created first. This is to catch the coach’s attention, and if the coach does not have time to watch the entire video, at the very least they were able to see the player’s best attributes.

Defensive/Attacking Midfielder

Wide Midfielder/Winger

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