Goalkeeper Examples

Below are examples of what a Soccer Spotlight highlight video looks like for a goalkeeper.

Goalkeeper videos feature clips that will primarily show the following abilities

  • Command of their 18 yard box
  • Distribution through both throwing and kicking
  • Positioning
  • Diving
  • Reflexes
  • Handling.

Goalkeeping videos differ slightly from field positions in that coaches may put a greater emphasis on height, so this is included in the intro to the video, along with the player’s name, number, and current team.

Sometimes coaches will also ask for unedited footage of a GK session. This is at the coach’s discretion and can be accommodated by Soccer Spotlight. We utilize our partnership with Keepermax in order to provide a professional session that appeals to college and professional coaches. Call or email us for details.

GK videos also do not utilize the “Spotlight” feature as this is not necessary.



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